Quality Control Manager

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Job duties:
Responsible for inspection and testing activities to ensure quality and integrity: this duty includes to ensure a high level of internal and external customer service, investigate and resolve quality related
customer issues and complaints; to work with the team engaged in inspection and testing activities to
ensure high productivity and high technical integrity. Work with product continuous improvement teams:
this duty includes creating, documenting and implementing inspection criteria and procedures.
Investigate and resolve quality related customer issues and complaints: this duty includes interacting with
vendors to ensure quality of all purchased parts. Responsible for interpreting quality control philosophy to
employees: this duty involves interpreting quality control philosophy to key personnel within company,
providing and overseeing inspection activity for product throughout production cycle. Maintain quality
control standards and quality control objectives: this duty includes to develop and analyze data and
product specifications to determine standards; to establish quality, reliability for our products; to
formulate, document and maintain quality control standards, systems, and continuous quality control
objectives. Work on drafting production procedures to maximize product reliability and quality: this duty
includes coordinating objectives with production procedures in cooperation with other department leads
to maximize product reliability and minimize costs. Perform specifications review and inspection criteria
development and work on review inspection reports for compliance: this duty includes to apply total
quality management tools and approaches to analytical and reporting processes. Develop and implement
quality control training programs, including designing quality control training programs, and creating and
directing environmental test functions and applications. Ensure quality control training program
adherence: this duty includes to maintain active role on internal continuous improvement teams. Provide
technical and statistical expertise where neede

Job Requirements:
Bachelor degree in Business Administration, Management, Project Management or a related field, with
at least two years of experience working as a Quality Control Manager, Production Manager, or related
positions. Foreign degree equivalent is acceptable. We will also accept any suitable combination of
education, training and/or experience. Experience to include at least two years of inspection and testing
experience; product continuous improvement; handling quality related customer issues and complaints;
maintaining quality control standards & quality control objectives; technical writing of production

HOURS: M-F, 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
JOB LOCATION: 1868 Tucker Industrial Rd., Tucker, GA 30084
CONTACT: Email resume referencing job code#QCM09252023ABC to Atlanta Booth and Chair LLC at